Below are a few reminders to make your stay with us more convenient:

•  Please secure all your belongings. The Resort will not be liable for any loss of valuables or money.
•  Loud music is not allowed between 11p.m. to 7 a.m. Because of the open designed of the cottages, sound can travel a distance. Please minimize sound/music since other    guests may be sleeping. The volume of music will have to be lowered after the first complaint. We may have to ask the guest to turn off the sound system after a second  complaint.
•  All Guests are requested not to smoke inside the rooms/close cottages to prevent accidents that may result to fire
•  Management has the authority to limit customers from taking in liquors inside the resort premises. Over intake of alcoholic drinks may result untoward incidents that          management will not tolerate. Said drinks may be consumed only within your rented areas and some designated premises.
Please DRINK MODERATELY .Drinking & swimming do not go together.
•  The Resort does not permit cooking in any of the rooms at anytime. Grilling food is
However allowed on a limited basis in designated areas.
•  We do not accept cooking & reheating of food. We also do not lend kitchenwares & utensils.
•  Entertaining guests without reservations in the resort is prohibited. Guests who come to visit between the hours of 7 am-5 pm are charged 150Php/head entrance fees   accordingly. Guests who come to visit between the hours of 6pm-6am are to be charged extra person rate per night.
• Check-in time 2PM, Check-out time is STRICLY 12NN, esp. during PEAK SEASON.
• Please clean up after yourselves. We try to keep our Resort as clean as possible.
Kindly do your part by throwing all trash in the designated trash bins, including cigarette butts.
• We have spring as source of water supply. During heavy use, it may not be sufficient for all guests, especially late at night and rainy days.
PLEASE conserve water.
•  When leaving the room, Please turn off lights & air-conditioned.
•  ONLY proper swimming attire is allowed in the pool:
MALE: Trunks/cycling shorts or garterized shorts above the knee,
No shirts (esp. Cotton materials)
FEMALE:   F Bathing suits, Sando (SPANDEX MATERIALS) ,White t-shirts,
Cycling shorts or garterized shorts above the knee
•  A responsible adult must accompany children/minors at all times.
Parents/Guardians are solely responsible for their children/minors.
•  No dangerous instruments/weapons or prohibited drugs.
•  Free parking spaces are provided for our guests.
•  Kindly make sure that the vehicles are locked & valuables are secured properly.
The Resort shall not be liable for any loss or damages in and within the vehicle.
•  Please observe proper conduct. Unnecessary noise, rowdy behavior, intoxication, defacement or misuse of common areas and property are strictly forbidden. We reserve the     right to evict/eject any guests should we find them engaging in fights, under the influence of illegal drugs, or generally disrupting the peace at the resort.

• Remember to turn in your key to front office ONLY, lost key will be charged of P500.00.

Once again, we hope that you enjoy your stay. We encourage our guests to please be considerate and mindful of the following reminders for everyone to enjoy the resort.